1st time home buyer Programs

1st Time Home Buying?

Purchasing your first home can be incredibly exciting, whether you're  doing it on your own, with a new spouse, or with your family.  There are a number of government first time home buyer programs available to 1st time home buyers,  including:

  • First time home buyers' credit
  • RRSPhome buyers' plan (HBP)
  • 5% down payment program*
  • HST new housing rebate
  • Land transfer tax rebates

The Home Buyers' Plan (HBP) is an effective way to help first time home buyers access funds for a down payment.  The plan allows for withdrawals of up to $25,000 per person (or $50,000 per couple) from registered retirement savings plans (RRSP's) to aid in buying or building a qualifying home.

Click these links to find out more about the Homebuyers Plan through Canada Revenue Agency for complete information and Download the RRSP Homebuyer Withdraw Form.

5% Down Payment Mortgages

The objective of 5% Down Payment Mortgages are to assist those with good credit and steady incomes to purchase a home.  The 5% down payment mortgages can be ideal for:

Current renters who often worry they won't be able to afford a home or save enough money for a down payment.

Professionals starting their careers or may have large student loans.  Thes mortgages can go as high as a 25-year amortization.

Down Payment from a Gift (Non-Borrowed Funds)

 All  or part of the minimum equity requirement (5% for down payment plus  1.5% for closing costs) may be provided by way of a financial gift as  long as all of the following conditions are met:

• The lender has verified that the funds are in the recipient’s possession at least

15 days prior to closing

• The lender is satisfied that the money is a genuine gift

• The gifter is an immediate relative of the recipient

Homebuyers can receive down payment from borrowed sources that include:

• Personal loans or lines of credit secured or unsecured

Note: When using a borrowed down payment there are higher credit criteria and also increased insurance premiums.

Borrowed Down Payment

Homebuyers  can get their down payment from borrowed sources that include lender  cash back incentives, personal loans, lines of credit, credit cards or  unsubstantiated gifts. However, when using a borrowed down payment,  there are higher credit criteria and also increased insurance premiums.


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First time home buyer Programs

1st Time Home Buyer? Call Jim Paisiovich, Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Alliance / BNB Financial Group. Cell:226-881-1624

How do I Get myself on the right track?

For all the first time home buyers, to channel their mortgages, there  are a number government programs available. Once you are eligible for  these programs, you can acquire any one of them. The government has some  programs like First-time home buyers' credit, RRSP home buyers' plan  (HBP), 5% down payment program, HST new housing rebate and Land transfer  tax rebates. 

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Are there resources i can access to educate myself?

There are a number of steps which both your mortgage agent, real estate agent and your lawyer have to do through the process of property ownership.  Click here to see a list of information your can download to educate yourself or contact me directly.

As a 1st Time Home Buyer, get informed and know the process.  Call Jim Paisiovich, Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Alliance / BNB Financial Group. Cell:226-881-1624

How does the 5% down payment work?

 5% down payment is available to you for homes up to $500,000 as the  purchase price. First time Home Buyers will have to put 10% "on the  portion" of the price over $500,000. For instance On a purchasing a home  for the price of $700,000, the minimum down payment the buyer has to  pay will be calculated as 5% on the first $500,000 payments that will be  around $25,000 and 10% on the next $200,000 which would be around  $10,000. So the total down payment will sum up to $35,000 

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