Mortgage Alliance Commercial Investment / Income Property


 A Mortgage Alliance Commercial broker will help you determine the right  mortgage to support your investments. With one application, we will  scout the Canadian mortgage market for you, and find the financial  product that best suits your needs, be it through a bank, trust company,  credit union, insurance company or private lender. 

Made-to-Measure Financing

Mortgage Alliance Commercial offers you the best terms and conditions thanks to:

  • A personal access to over 100 lenders.
  • MACC is an approved CMHC correspondent. Very few Brokerages have  been awarded this status. Our professionalism and our reputation has  allowed us to become an Approved CMHC correspondent. As a correspondent  we are able to negotiate directly with CMHC in order to ensure that the  CMHC approval is obtained prior to securing the financing. This allows  for the file to be processed in a more diligent and effective manner.

We ensure full support of your dealings with the various professionals involved in the transaction, such as:

  • The Appraisal
  • The Building Inspection
  • The Enviromental Site Assessment
  • The Legal and Closing Process
  • Every Step of the Due Diligence

We offer a wide range of Services

  • Short and Long Term Financing
  • Construction Financing : Land and infrastructure, Bridge Loan, Messanine and Equity loans, and inventory financing.
  • Property Types Include: Multi-family, Mixed use, Commercial, shopping centers, Industrial properties, warehouse and Self storage, Land for development/infrastructure, Office buildings, Retirement homes, Hotels, Motels and more.

We facilitate the purchase of a wide variety of commercial properties including:

  • Retail & Commercial Plaza Mortgages
  • Industrial Complex Development Finance
  • Builder & Development Finance
  • Land Development Loans
  • Apartment & Condominium Construction Loans
  • Business Capital Financing
  • Multi-unit buildings
  • Equipment Financing
  • Commercial Repositioning & Renovation Loans
  • Recreational real estate
  • Small Business Loans
  • Floor Plan financing

We assess the commercial property based on:

  • Property value
  • Size of deposit to be contributed by the mortgage applicant
  • Maximum loan to value (LTV) ratio that the lender will sanction for the type of property

I'm a full service agent and offer personallized service that supports you in every step of the commercial real estate investment.  Contact me directly NOW!

A Word about Myself

Being invested myself in the industry, I understand it's complexities.  I spent a number of years in the Real Estate Industry under Coldwell Banker and Re/Max and worked directly with investments property aquisitions.  

To Speak directly about your specific situation and requirements, please contact me directly.   Alternatively, you can get the ball rolling by applying directly here on our website.  Please enter as much information as you can, agree to the terms and send.  It comes to me directly giving me the opportunity to review and have a more informed discussion with you.  The application process also provides us with a "soft touch" of your credit bureau without affecting your rating but allowing us to paint a better picture of your specific situation. Download our "MOPOLO" App here  which provides access to Mortgage Alliances many tools including creating your profile, Credit applications, current mortgage rates, financial calculators, know your credit score every month, and important updates on the market.    

If your looking for a serious financing partner in the Ontario Marketplace, give me a call.

Meeting Commercial Project Demands Across the Country

Condo Construction Facility Toronto

Construction and Pre-Development Financing

Construction and Pre-Development Financing


Loan Amount: $105 Million

LTV: 80%

MACC secured a loan for the construction of a 400 unit condo project in Toronto.

Construction and Pre-Development Financing

Construction and Pre-Development Financing

Construction and Pre-Development Financing


 Loan Amount: $136 Million

LTV: 65%

451 units condo project in Markham

Office Building & Long Term Financing

Construction and Pre-Development Financing

Land Servicing and Development Financing


Loan Amount: $32 Million

LTV: 85%

Construction financing as well as a 20 year term loan amortized over  20 year for the long term portion in order to completely eliminate the  interest rate risk for the borrower on the property.

The property is entirely rented by Public Works Canada.

Land Servicing and Development Financing

Conversion to Multi-Unit Residential Property

Land Servicing and Development Financing


Loan Amount: $6 Million

Purchase of the land and the eventual construction of the commercial pad development.

Conversion And New Construction

Conversion to Multi-Unit Residential Property

Conversion to Multi-Unit Residential Property


Loan Amount: $34 million

Loan to Value: 85% 

Conversion of a historic factory converted to a new construction of 161 units

Borrower with excellent building experience.

Conversion to Multi-Unit Residential Property

Conversion to Multi-Unit Residential Property

Conversion to Multi-Unit Residential Property


Loan Amount: $2.8 Million

LTV: 85%

Conversion of a church to a 42 unit multi-residential affordable housing property financed by CMHC.

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